About Us

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JIF Bank is a commercial bank headquartered in Dubai, UAE that specializes in retail banking, e-Banking, and investment products to meet the variety of banking and financial needs of thousands of depositors and investors in Washington.

In 1985, JIF bank was founded by three veterans in the banking industry in Washington, namely Morris James, Harvey Irving, and Travis Fitzgerald. They started out helping and educating the residents in the area to build their own savings accounts. Soon, the company branched out in terms of service coverage, expanding to corporate banking and investment banking in the mid-1990s. Our personnel base has also expanded to serve our growing clientele.

For the past three decades, we have been proudly carrying the name of these three honorable gentlemen, as we provide top-notch and reliable services to all our clients. Our core values are founded on honesty, integrity, and public service. We believe that one cannot function well without the other. This is why we hire the best minds in the field of banking and finance who exemplify our core values.

Customer satisfaction through helping individuals and business achieve their financial goals is our mission. Let us know how we can help you by contacting us via phone or email.